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This is our story:

My adventurous little girl was a late walker.
For months and months, she would bum-shuffle and crawl around the house just as fast as her little legs could go. I started to notice that her soft little feet were taking a bit of damage from the constant rubbing against the floor. Her feet were working hard, and if we continued like that, I knew her feet would really suffer.

For a time, I kept her contained in safe areas of soft carpet inside the house.

We didn’t go to play centres or parks. She didn’t get to explore her world the way she wanted to. I was always checking on her feet instead of allowing her to just be a curious baby. I was worn out and looking for some reassurance when I asked some friends if they’d had a similar experience with their children. One friend suggested soft sole shoes and gifted my daughter with her very first pair.
It was a total revelation!

This type of shoe is uncommon where I come from, but it was such a simple and elegant solution. The shoes were lightweight, comfortable, and soft, but most importantly, they protected her feet properly and she loved using them. She and I became more confident and relaxed every day.

She was finally able to just be a child exploring new spaces. I was happy knowing that her delicate feet were safe and delighted to see her master new skills as we played outside the home.
And...We wanted more soft leather shoes, more colours, more styles. But I found that there wasn’t much to choose from in New Zealand and the prices weren’t attractive either.

Little GG started as a place for moms to find cute, protective footwear for their young babies. We’ve grown to include other garments and accessories to reach moms who might otherwise have a hard time finding quality children’s clothing in a reasonable price range. As a mom, you worry enough already.

Little GG can help you get one more thing crossed off the list, so you can spend that energy with your precious little loved one.

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The Little GG Team