Sizing & Care


Soft Sole Leather Shoes:

0-6 months insole length - 11.5 ( 4.5 inches)
6-12 months - 13.0 CM ( 5.1 inches)
12-18 months - 14.0 CM (5.5 inches)
18-24 months - 15.0 CM (5.9 inches)

Please note that our leather shoes are handmade and therefore there may be some minor variations in sizing. 

Measuring your baby's foot

Please measure your child's foot length because the month sizing is a reference. 

Pre-walker: Take a piece of paper over a hardcover book. Press your baby's foot on the paper and mark the heel with a pen or a pencil.
Walker: Stand your baby on a piece of paper, press his or her foot on the paper and mark the heel with a pen or a pencil.
Make sure your baby's foot stays in the same place and toes are not bent. Mark the place where your baby's longest/biggest toe is. Measures the distance between these two lines. Add 0.5 to 1 cm more for wiggle room and growth.


Care Instructions

Soft Sole Leather Shoes:

To clean these soft leather baby shoes use a damp, clean cloth and mild detergent to wipe away any dirt on the leather uppers and soles. 

To maintain the shape place tissues into the shoes, and allow to air dry. Do not use bleach or try to iron them.

Do not throw them in the washing machine, is not recommendable as they could shrink, harden and/or lose their shape. 

When storing leather baby shoes, always store them clean. 

Add a desiccate to the shoe's storage box to remove any moisture in the box. 

Never store them in plastic bags because it can attract unwanted moisture. Use a cloth bag to store them instead.